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Fatherly Advice: The Key to Our Professional Success

Fatherly Advice: The Key to Our Professional Success

On Father's Day, we reflect on the unique influence fathers have on our lives. At Grant Thornton Curaçao, we asked our employees to look back on the most important lessons they learned from their fathers and how these lessons have impacted their professional lives. These personal stories demonstrate the power of fatherly wisdom and show how these insights can shape not only our personal but also our professional success. 

In this blog, we proudly share the inspiring story of our Junior Manager Assurance, Ginovan Bernabela. He illustrates how his father's wise lessons have contributed to his success and growth in his professional life.  

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Ginovan Bernabela – Junior Manager Assurance  
My dad is a dedicated family man. The first lesson taught by him was to love my mom and siblings with all I have. He taught me the importance of believing in God. 

To have a positive attitude, to be humble, calm and to always be happy. These are the key characteristics of my father that also helped me in my professional career. 

He taught me to always show up for your family, especially your children, to work hard but to also spend quality time with your family. 

He laid the foundations upon which I built my dreams. He puts a smile on my face faster than anyone else can. 

Finally, he taught me to never lose your integrity which is something that you must have as a professional. 

I wouldn’t be here today without him. Thanks Pap. 

Ginovan’s story underscores the lasting impact of the lessons he learned from his father. At Grant Thornton Curaçao, we value these invaluable insights and the way they enrich our work environment.  

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads!