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A new way of learning, to further enhance Leadership, Collaboration & Teamwork. A unique experience through MovieLearning!



Transforming Great People
The most used metaphor for growth and transformation will probably be the story of the butterfly. But if you think that’s impressive, we suggest you to submerge yourself in the story of the dragonfly. Because of this story we chose the dragonfly as symbol. Just like the dragonfly the vast majority of the leaders’ career path might feel like ‘submerged’ underwater. With the lecture cycle ‘The Dragonfly Experience’ we will provide insights and tools to further transform into an inspiring leader.

A narrative & cyclic view on leadership
We use the Double Healix model as a basis for the leadership lectures. The Double Healix model is based on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ from Joseph Campbell. The journey represents a helix moving upwards towards wholeness (helix + healing = healix).

A different approach
Visual communication has much more impact than the written word. A well-picked three-minute movie clip often illustrates an issue much better than three thick books. Movie Learning involves head, heart and hands in a mix of perception, experience, being inspired, sharing knowledge, practicing and reflecting. The lectures series will be film-based, in which we are going to cycle with you through the phases of human development. At the end of the series you have a better insight on yourself, your team and the way you lead yourself and others. This is a unique opportunity to actively transform yourself.

6 Sessions based on the Double Healix model

Session 1: Universality - Date: 8 May, 2020

The mythical Hero’s Journey as universal basis of the human experience.

Session 2: Simplicity & Sensationality - Date: 15 May, 2020  

Basic needs and early childhood development. Impulses, motives and personality types. Adolescence.

Session 3: Maximality  - Date: 5 June, 2020

Competences and basic leadership. Early adulthood.

Session 4: Relationality - Date: 19 June, 2020

Team leadership, team phases, team roles. Relational skills.

Midlife adulthood.

Session 5: Complexity - Date: 26 June, 2020

Systematic and strategic awareness. Serving leadership and mature adulthood.

Session 6: Simplexity & Perplexity - Date: 10 July, 2020

Sustainability, macroscopic leadership and policy. Early old age. Mystic awareness and meditative commitment. Mature old age.

Followed by a happy hour!


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